Open Garden 観光

Throughout the city of Kodaira, residents have been gracious enough to open their home gardens for visitors to enjoy. Currently there are 26 open garden participants. Generally the best time to visit is spring and summer, but each participant does their garden to their own liking, so each garden’s peak season varies.


One of the best-known open gardens is Morita Open Garden. The Morita family’s garden is the largest of the open garden’s, measuring over 3,000 square meters. They utilize their abundant space to grow vegetables and tea in addition to flowers.


It’s important to remember that the gardens are private property and that the owners open them at their own convenience, so please be respectful and remember to double check times! All open garden participants have some form of contact information, email and or phone number, listed in the official Kodaira open garden map.


A free map of all the open garden’s in the city is available as a physical copy at the Kodaira Tourism office. The map is avaiailable in English, Korean, Chinese, as well as Japanese. The open garden map is also available for free online.


スポット名 Open Gardens in Kodaira
TEL なし