Kodaira Fureai Sewerage Museum 観光

Kodaira Fureai Sewerage Museum

Learn about the history of water treatment by visiting the only museum in all of Japan where you can go inside of an operational sewerage pipe! With 2 above ground floors and 5 underground, this museum is packed with education information.


Learn about the sewers and even enter a real sewer pipe?!

The history of sewerage in Japan from the Edo-era onward is detailed in a timeline on floor B2. Further down on B3 you can find Kodaira’s history with water. The area that is Kodaira was uninhabited until Tamagawa Josui canal was built during the Edo era, allowing for crops to be grown in the area. B4 is the special exhibit floor. The exhibit changes once every month or two, with most exhibit showcasing different components of Japan’s water environment, such as manholes and irrigation systems. On B5 you’ll find the Hands on Experience room which displays real sewer pipes, manholes, etc. B5 is also the floor where you can enter a real, in-service sewer pipe.


The soil removed during the construction of the sewer museum is displayed in the stairwell. Thousands of years of history, such as the volcanic ash soil from when Mt. Fuji erupted in 1707, can be seen as you descend.


Guided tours (in Japanese) are available at reception.


スポット名 Kodaira Fureai Sewerage Museum
所在地 日本、東京都小平市上水本町1−25−31
営業時間 Hours: 10am - 4pm
休業日 Closed: Mondays, New Year's holiday (Dec 27th - Jan 5th)
TEL 042-326-7411
Webサイト https://www.city.kodaira.tokyo.jp/kurashi/070/070022.html