Kodaira Green Road 観光

Experience a different area of Tokyo

Experience a different part of Tokyo by taking a stroll along a beautiful walking path located in the West side of the prefecture.


The Kodaira Green Road is a 21km (13 mile) long walking and cycling path within Kodaira City. Known as a relaxing nature path, one can truly enjoy all four seasons along this trail.


The Kodaira Green Road is separated into three stretches: The Sayama Sakai Green Way, the Tamagawa Josui canal, and the Nobidome canal.


Sayama Sakai Green Way

The Sayama Sakai Green Way starts at Koganei Park, a location renowned for its beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom every spring. The road continues by Hana-Koganei Station and Kodaira Station, all the way to Yasaka Station. The trail continues past Yasaka Station, all the way to Tama Lake and Sayama Lake.


Spring is the best time to stroll along the Sayama Sakai Green Way, as the trees lining the road bloom into gorgeous cherry blossoms.

In June hydrangeas are in full bloom. Not only do they line the walking path, there is also a park located along the path dedicated to hydrangeas, aptly named Ajisai Park (ajisai is Japanese for hydrangea).


Sarah’s suggested path! Start in Koganei Park at the Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Museum, stroll along the Sayama Sakai Green Way while enjoying the scenery. Take a break and learn about the history of the land at Kodaira Futusato Mura. From there walk to Ajisai Park to take in the hydrangeas in June then have a coffee break at Cafe Laguras right next door.


Nobidome Canal

The Green Road continues from Yasaka Station as the Nobidome canal. Fireflies are bred along this waterway, making a cool summer evening an ideal time for a visit. June and July is peak firefly season in Japan.


Along the Nobidome canal is the Tokyo Metropolitan Medicinal Plants Garden, where over 1,600 varieties of plants are grown. Herbs grown for more traditional methods of medicine are grown in abundance here, making it a great location to learn about herbs and their variety of medicinal uses.


Shosen-ji Temple is another must-see along the Nobidome canal. This temple was built at the same time that Kodaira was founded, around 350 years ago. It is home to Ogawa Kurobei’s grave, the founder of current day Kodaira, is located here. Merchants frequented this temple back in the day as they made their trek along the Ome-Kaido. Now a quiet temple with grounds decorated with a plethora of Buddhist statues. The trees on the grounds turn bright red during autumn, making for a relaxing atmosphere.


The Nobidome canal continues until Tamagawa-josui Station.


Tamagawa Josui Canal

From Tamagawa-josui Station, the Green Road continues as the Tamagawa Josui canal. This stretch of the Green Road is known for its spectacular fall colors. Take an autumn stroll to enjoy the changing of the seasons.


Along the Tamagawa Josui canal is a city run foot bath, called Komorebi foot bath, a perfect spot to stop and rest your feet on an autumn day. Entry is free although donations are always welcome.


For any questions related to what to do along the Green Road, feel free to call the Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association at 042-312-3954. They have English speaking staff!




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