Kodaira Furusato Mura 観光

Get a taste of Kodaira’s history


For many years of its history, Kodaira, originally founded as Ogawa village, was farmland. Learn about and celebrate the history of the land at  Kodaira Furusato Mura, a historical farming village home to relocated and reconstructed 17th and 18th century buildings.


Experience restored Edo-era buildings

Experience what life was like in a farming village. Gather around the sunken hearth fireplace inside the former Kamiyama family residence. Learn how villagers used water to grind grains. Visit the former entrance hall of the Ogawa family residence, the family that developed the Tamagawa Josui canal and subsequently founded Ogawa village (current day Kodaira). Imagine the hustle and bustle that used to occur in the  former Ogawa-cho post office.


Participate in cultural events


The village periodically holds cultural and holiday events. Every February the Kodaira Furusato Mura celebrates Setsubun, a holiday which celebrates the start of spring by warding off demons and inviting in good luck. Participate in throwing beans at demons. Other holidays such as Girls Day (March 3rd) and Children’s Day (May 5th) are celebrated, and the village is decorated. In addition, cultural events such as music performances featuring traditional Japanese instruments, traditional cooking events, and Edo-era games are held.


A full list of the village’s events are listed on their homepage. Come hang out with the locals and experience something new!


On weekends, 50 servings of Kodaira kate-udon are made. They are sold for \500 until they are sold out.


The Kodiara Furusato Mura is located along the Green Road in Kodaira, making it a perfect location to stop and rest from a cycle journey.


スポット名 Kodaira Furusato Mura
所在地 日本、東京都小平市天神町3−9−1
営業時間 Hours: 10am – 4pm
休業日 Closed: Mondays, the 3rd Tuesday of every month,
the day after a public holiday, Dec 27th〜Jan 5th
TEL 042-345-8155
Webサイト http://kodaira-furusatomura.jp/