Enter to win amazing prices!

Submit your photos taken between July 17th and October 17th, 2021 for your chance to win an amazing prize!

Gold prize (1 people) Folding bicycle

Silver prize (3 person) Solar smartphone charger

Bronze prize (5 people) Wooden smartphone stand

How to Enter

How to Enter

Follow the steps below to enter the photo contest Entry period: March 20th (Sat.) – June 20th (Sun), 2021

STEP 1 Follow @kodaira_tourism (Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association) on Instagram

STEP 2 Post your photo with a description of when and where you took the photo and the hashtag #DiscoverKodaira212

Where: Any location within Kodaira, Tokyo

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Announcement of winners

Announcement of prize-winning Instagram posts: Prize-winning posts will be announced on the competition’s official website, Instagram account and Facebook of Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association.

  • - Selection of prize-winning posts: The Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association will award gold, silver, and bronze to 9 selected photos.
  • - Notification of contest winners: After the entry period ends, the Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association will determine the prizewinners by June 28, 2021. Prizewinners will receive a direction message via Instagram no later than June 28, 2021. Failure to reply by the designated date will result in the forfeiture of the prize.
Application Terms and Conditions

Application Terms and Conditions

  • - All applicants need to follow the official Instagram account @kodaira_tourism with the account used to enter the contest.
  • - Photo(s) must include the hashtag #DiscoverKodaira212 in the description.
  • - Any photos posted without the hashtag are ineligible.
  • - An individual may submit as many photos as desired to the contest within the campaign period but will only be eligible for one prize.
  • - Minors must obtain the contest of a guardian or parent before posting any photo(s).
  • - Professional photographers are eligible to enter the contest.
  • - Photos submitted to the contest, regardless of whether it received a prize or not, may be used by the Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association in magazine ads and other web-based media, or on SMS sites without notifying the poster of the photograph. We kindly ask for your understanding.
  • - Although the image size is automatically reduced upon uploading a photo to Instagram, the size of the original image should be 2MB or larger. High-definition data will be required as photos selected to win a prize will be featured in a poster presentation.
Please note the following

Please note the following

  • - After receiving the direct message, please reply within the designated period, which will be specified in the message. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the prize.
  • - Prizewinners who are not following the @kodaira_tourism, will be ineligible to receive a prize.
  • - In the event that a prize is not delivered due to omissions or deficiencies in the address provided by the prizewinner, the prize will be forfeited by the winner.
  • The prizewinners’ rights for the prize are exclusive to them and cannot be assigned to any third party.
  • - The prizes can only be sent to addresses within Japan.