Kate Udon

Kodaira Kate Udon

Kate Udon

Kate Udon is a historic, local specialty.
This was a staple food of the area back in the Edo era.
The udon noodles are served cold.
It’s served with seasonal vegetables and a side of warm soy sauce based dipping sauce.


Kodaira Furusato Mura

Kodaira Furusato Muram

Come enjoy udon at an architectural museum ! Entry is free. Every Saturday and Sunday, 50 meals of kate udon are prepared. They are available for ¥500 until they are sold out !

10:00 ~ 16:00 closed on Mondays
Mondays, the 3rd Tuesday of every month, the day after a public holiday, and during the New Year's holiday's (Dec 27th~Jan 5th)
3-9-1 Tenjin-cho, Kodaira, Tokyo